Mini Grants


PAGLC is presently accepting applications for the organization’s ongoing educational mini-grants program. The grants are offered to organizations and producer associations that provide grazing-focused education and trainings throughout the Commonwealth.

In 2017, the PA GLC awarded a total of 13 Grazing Education grant projects to 10 different organizations for a total of over $8,000.00 in financial support. Thanks to the partners receiving our funds, we garnered local matching contributions totaling over $40,000.00 which reflects a total investment in grazing education through the PA GLC of over $50,000.00 for the year.

Grants through PA GLC are available for field days and pasture walks, trainings, conferences, and other activities that include grazing or forage management as a main topic to reach producers interested in improving their pastures and livestock grazing operations. Funding can be used to help offset any expenses needed to hold the conference or event (except food!). Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and there is no deadline for applications at this time.

Special interest topics for this year’s program include: Pasture Soil Health, Equine Pasture Management, Wildlife and Grazing, Renewable Energy, Extending the Grazing Season, Conversion of Cropland to Pasture, Grass Fed Meats/Products, as well as Nutrient Management. There are several levels for the mini-grant program, ranging from $200 to $1,000 in financial assistance.

[ View the FY 2017 Grants Here ]

Want to apply? Use these links:

2017 Press Release   ||   Grant Application Form   ||  Grant Report Form