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Pennsylvania GLCI has been instrumental in keeping the interests of graziers in the forefront of agriculture in the state. We strive to address the needs of private grazing/forage lands in Pennsylvania by closing the gap between available knowledge and its practical application on pasture areas. More and more, livestock farmers are switching to rotational grazing as a way to save time and money as well as address herd health. Grazing also benefits the land by restoring soil health and reducing soil runoff. The result is greater profitability on an ecologically sound and sustainable basis.

PAGLC worked with Penn State University, PA Center for Beef Excellence, PA Department of Agriculture, and USDA-NRCS to produce the following instructional videos to encourage diversification on farms, achieving multiple natural resource benefits. Each video clip is less than 10 minutes long, with stories being told by the graziers themselves. The Pennsylvania farmers explain how they are working toward a system of livestock management that improves their farms and their lives. Through the partnerships supporting PAGLC, we hope to educate farmers and the public alike on the benefits of grazing.

… successful graziers telling their stories.

“The GLCI mission of educating people about sound conservation practices on grasslands is one that PA-NRCS wholeheartedly supports. The videos provide a way for farmers to learn from other farmers about the delicate balance between economic goals and resource concerns on the land.” – Denise Coleman, PA NRCS State Conservationist

“Every person thinking about putting livestock on a pasture in the state should check out the information in this movie.” – Susan Richards, Capital RC&D Executive Director

“These videos help to demonstrate how management decisions that are good for clean water are also good for a farm’s bottom line.” –Cliff Hawbaker, PA GLC Chairman

“The Back to Basics with Stocker Cattle is a great representation of how our farmers use grazing and forage management to ensure a quality product from farm to fork.” –Ann Nogan, Center for Beef Excellence Executive Vice-President

Free DVDs of each series are available, please email if you would like a copy!

The videos, listed below, are also available online here.

Grazing with Small Ruminants

Back to Basics with Stocker Cattle