The Pennsylvania Grazing Lands Coalition (PAGLC), formerly the Pennsylvania Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative (PAGLCI), is a corporation of people working together to maintain and improve the management, productivity, and health of Pennsylvania’s privately-owned grazing land. We address the needs of grazing and forage lands in Pennsylvania through education, mentorship, and research. 

Examples of our work include –

  • Educating the public on grazing conservation
  • Promoting voluntary action and respect of private property rights
  • Strengthening partnerships between grazing land managers and others who support PAGLC
  • Encouraging on-farm diversification
  • Increasing economic environmental and social stability on private grazing lands
  • Enhancing private landowners’ ability to achieve greater profitability

Our organization works directly with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). NRCS helps provide funds, conduct technical assistance, and raise public awareness activities to support conservation activities on private grazing lands.

PAGLC has been instrumental in keeping the interests of grazers in the forefront of agriculture in the state of Pennsylvania. We strive to address the needs of private grazing/forage lands by closing the gap between available knowledge and its practical application on pasture areas. More and more livestock farmers are switching to rotational grazing as a way to save money, restore pasture lands, decrease soil runoff, and increase herd health. The result is greater profitability on an ecologically sound and sustainable basis.